It’s a lonely world out there.

Entrepreneurship has been made popular that every keyword that you drop into that Google search box, entrepreneurship comes up to be the first. When I first started, I thought that being an entrepreneur has opportunities for amazing learning experiences. That is true for most of the cases.

But there’s apparently an ugly underlying middle-layer truth — there’s bitterness behind every amazing learning experience.

Forget about being on the same wavelength.

Your friends will start to misunderstand you. Your colleagues will think that you’re being selfish. And you start to regret about communications that you could have made; words that you could have said.

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learnt over these years is that you could not possible expect a person to understand why you do what you do without being overly communicative about the subject. I think that is the only way. There were countless number of conversations that I avoided just because I thought it was not going to do good for both parties. Most of all, I was worried that it would make me uncomfortable. I thought it would be an extremely arrogant thing to actually talk about things that you have had done for another person without being explicitly asked to.

After all, expectations will just simply be expectations. Very hardly would they be translated to reality. A favor that you’re doing for someone else without communicating them is actually a damage that you’re bringing onto yourself. As harsh as it sounds, it is what it is. The key message is not to run away from the problem but to actually face it. This has been the single most repeated mistakes that I have ever committed in my life. But this has also been a mistake that has taught me the most.

As an entrepreneur, you’re expected to be blamed. You’re expected to bring all the weight on the shoulders. You’re expected to close an eye on certain things. You’re expected to “man-up” and swallow mistakes. And the worst of all, you’re expected to walk along this journey alone.

Forbes 30 Under 30 / Founder at nexlabs / FinTech / Digital Transformation / Experience Design / Myanmar

Forbes 30 Under 30 / Founder at nexlabs / FinTech / Digital Transformation / Experience Design / Myanmar